District Priorities

Address Our Homeless Crisis with Empathy and Accountable Solutions

Oregon is in the middle of a housing crisis and too many Oregonians are experiencing housing instability or being houseless. Janeen supports expanded investments in shelters, services, and new affordable housing options to keep people in their homes and prevent displacement – with accountability to ensure dollars are being spent effectively. She also advocates for affordable housing for seniors and those on fixed incomes.

Tackle Rising Costs for Working Families and Fixed Income Oregonians

Rising costs are making it difficult for too many families to keep up with their bills. Janeen supports legislation to lower medical and housing costs, and direct support for low-income families. Janeen is currently championing two pieces of legislation that will help lower costs for Oregonians, including one that will reduce the tax impact on veterans.

Champion Reproductive Rights and Access to Healthcare

Reproductive rights are under attack at the federal level, but in Oregon, abortion is legal, accessible and safe – and Janeen is committed to keeping it that way. Janeen sponsored the Reproductive Health Equity Act – which makes Oregon a leader in the United States for protecting reproductive rights and helped passed legislation to expand provider network capacity and support for people accessing abortion health care needs.

Create Safer Communities and Reduce Gun Violence

As a mom and lifelong resident of Washington County, Janeen knows how important our neighborhood and community safety is. Janeen supports strong public safety programs that reduce crime and keep our kids, families, and seniors safe. This includes resources for mental health and addiction recovery, and support for our first responders. Additionally, Janeen has been a leader in passing common sense gun safety legislation to reduce gun violence and save lives, including landmark legislation to require safe firearm storage and keep firearms out of the hands of convicted domestic violence abusers.

Help Small Businesses Grow and Invest in Our Workforce

Janeen supports policies that ensure Oregon remains a thriving hub for business and that there is ongoing support for Washington County business growth. She is also an advocate for workforce development policies to strengthen our workforce to address our current shortage and prepare workers for the future.

Support Our Schools and Career & Technical Education

Janeen has been an advocate for increased resources for our schools and students for nearly 15 years. She supports expanded access for students to have multiple career pathways, hands-on learning opportunities, and mental health resources.

She recently advocated and helped pass investments to reduce teacher burnout and help address the current teacher shortage to keep schools open for in-person learning five days a week.

Protect Our Environment and Combat Climate Change

Janeen has been a Metro Master Recycler since 2012 and enjoys helping the community in their Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Renew efforts to take care of our planet.

She supports legislation to lower carbon emissions and reduce plastic waste, modernize our recycling system, and reverse the impacts of climate change so we can protect our beautiful state for future generations.

Expand Community Engagement and Public Input

Since joining the Legislature in 2016, Janeen has hosted 94 community conversations on critical issues, including homelessness, public safety, and cost of living concerns. Janeen uses these conversations to learn about the needs of the community, inform her priorities, and then turns them into action to make positive change for her constituents.

Janeen’s Senate Committees

  • Joint Interim Committee On Ways and Means Interim Subcommittee on General Government - Co-Chair

  • Senate Interim Committee On Finance and Revenue

  • Senate Interim Committee On Human Services, Mental Health and Recovery

  • Alcohol and Drug Policy Commission Member

  • Office of Administrative Hearings Oversight Committee

  • Oregon Employment Department Modernization Oversight Committee