Frequently Asked Questions

What is Janeen’s party affiliation?

Janeen is a registered Democrat, and has also received the nomination of the Independent Party of Oregon.

What district does Janeen represent and what areas does it include?

Janeen represents Senate District 15 in the Oregon Legislature. For 2023, this district includes Forest Grove, Cornelius, Hillsboro and the Rock Creek Area.

Is Janeen pro-choice?

Yes! Janeen is the only candidate for Senate District 15 endorsed by Planned Parenthood PAC of Oregon and Pro-Choice Oregon PAC.

I’ve seen some claims made by Janeen’s opponent, are they true?

Probably not! Reach out if you’d like to discuss Janeen’s views or record on any particular issue. Here’s a few that have come up so far:

On Rent Control: Janeen supported historic legislation that made Oregon the first state in the country to have statewide rent control and restrictions on no-cause evictions. That means landlords can no longer double rents on dwellings older than 15 years, and rents can only rise a certain amount each year. This legislation has prevented displacement and kept many Oregonians in their homes, and any other characterization of it is dishonest and misleading.

On Property Taxes for Seniors: Janeen supports keeping taxes affordable for seniors on fixed incomes. She does NOT support efforts to skirt the legislative process and bypass public input and hearings, which is never a good idea, and is exactly the political shenanigans Republicans tried to do in 2019 with the Senior Property Tax Freeze legislation. It was a procedural vote that was denied because of lack of public process. Period. Any suggestion that Janeen voted no on legislation to freeze property taxes for seniors is a blatant misrepresentation of the facts.

On Tax Increases: During Janeen’s eight years on the Hillsboro School Board, they were forced to cut their budget by $68 million due to lack of state funding. Janeen supported landmark legislation to fully fund our schools and make historic investments for our students through the Student Success Act. Passed in 2019, these investments are working to reduce class size, bolster early education, expand instructional time and facility improvements for student health and safety, and more. These improvements are funded largely in part through a tax on Oregon’s large corporations and their business activity.

On Public Safety: Janeen absolutely supports strong public safety programs and bipartisan legislation to improve our criminal justice system. She is supported by public safety and law enforcement leaders, including local police chiefs Jim Coleman and Henry Reimann, and the Oregon State Police Officers Association, the Oregon Chiefs of Police, and the Sheriffs of Oregon.

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